engagement rings smart choices

Choice Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring Smart Choice Picking out an engagement ring can be one the biggest decisions a person can make.  This ring is seen by most women as the most important piece of jewelry they will own.  The ring needs to shine during the wedding and the rest of your life.  Picking an engagement ring can seem a little daunting and scary but with these tips you will be able to pick the perfect ring for your significant other. One the first things to remember is that each ring is special and if you feel like you have not found the...

Custom jewelry design

Custom Jewelry Designs

Custom Jewelry Design Want to custom jewelry design your existing jewelry into something new and exciting? Or maybe you want to start from scratch. Our Expert Jewelers will consult with you personally to create the jewelry you have always dreamed of wearing. We will take your vision and our expertise to create a one of a kind work-of-art that you can truly call your own design! You can purchase custom jewelry at other jewelry stores. But at Y & O Jewelry, you actually meet face-to-face with our exceptional craftsmen to custom design exactly what you want. Custom Rings Custom Necklaces...

resizing diamond ring at Y & O Jewelry

Jewellery Repair Restoration

  Ring Sizing – White and yellow gold, platinum and silver rings may be made to fit any finger size. We also size eternity bands in all metals. Reshank – Rings worn over long periods of time become thin and fragile at the piece of metal which sits at the inside of the hand, your ring shank. A reshank removes this thin piece and is replaced with new metal making your ring last longer and become as comfortable as it once was. Rhodium Plating – Gold is naturally yellow and over time a warm, yellow tint can develop in white...

Rhodium plating at Y & O Jewelry

Few Hours Rhodium Plating Service

Looking to have your ring rhodium plated(rhodium plating)? Ring in Center Is Rhodium Plated – Thus eliminating any yellow appearance. If you’re in the market to have your white gold ring, or yellow gold ring, rhodium plated then you will be glad to know that Y & O Jewelry offers: Few hours rhodium plating on all your precious metal jewelry. Rhodium is one of the most expensive precious metals on market today. Nothing brightens your ring more, and makes it look as bright white as a fresh polish followed by rhodium plating. Most rings can polished and rhodium plated the...

Jewellery Repair in richmond BC CANADA – Same Day and On Site

Same Day Jewelry Repair in Richmond

Same day jewelry repair in Richmond Looking for jewelry repair in RICHMOND B.C. GREAT VANCOUVER? [caption id="attachment_1328" align="alignnone" width="90"] All Jewelry Repair in Richmond B.C., Canada – Same Day and On Site[/caption] Whether you are looking to have your ring sized, repolished, or any other jewellery servicing, the goldsmith at Y & O Jewelry repairs in Richmond can definitely get your jewellery tuned up and leave you sparkling! Service to fine jewellery is not an everyday need. But when the need does arise, you will want to consult with a goldsmith you can trust who has many years of experience at the jewelers bench. back to > Blog