Platinum Rings & Bands

Platinum Bridal Jewelry

Its beautiful color and elegant appearance make it an ideal choice for brides and all platinum bridal jewelry lovers.platinum bridal jewelry

Compared to gold, platinum is five times as rare and much more pure when used in jewelry. For instance, gold must contain at least 41% pure gold or it will no longer be considered gold. To be considered “platinum,” however, the metal must contain at least 90% pure platinum. Recently, many jewelers have begun to offer a more affordable alternative, 585 Platinum, containing 58.5% platinum and 41.5% copper and cobalt.

Unlike other metals, platinum does not expand or distort when exposed to heat, and it never tarnishes. Instead, it ages beautifully by developing a lustrous patina. This hypoallergenic metal is also heavier than most metals and commonly used as a secure diamond setting.